Metro Detroit Moving Tips

Making Your Relocation Easier

There's a lot to juggle when it comes to moving, from searching for new homes to figuring out your financing, and you're likely doing it all while also packing up your old place. Things can start to quickly feel overwhelming, but if you plan ahead and prepare, then your moving journey can be surprisingly stress-free!

Check out our tips and tricks for moving success, from making a plan of action to what to do before you move things in. Have a few questions about making the move to Metro Detroit? Just give us a call!

Before You Move

You might be tempted to push packing to the back burner, but you'll just end up putting yourself in a time crunch if you do. Plan ahead, and you might be surprised at how simple packing can be. 

Organize and declutter

Starting one room at a time, make a note of what you actually use and what you can part with. Then, decide what you want to get rid of what you want to pack up right away.

Lighten the load

Whether you host a yard sale, post items online, or donate them to a good cause, there are plenty of options when it comes to rehoming your possessions. 

Change your address

It usually takes a few weeks for the post office to process your change of address, so be sure to get this done ahead of time so your mail is forwarded by the time you move in. 

Handy Packing Tips

  • Reinforce: Be sure to get tough boxes, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap, so your items will be safe and secure.
  • Innovate: Try things like rolling up t-shirts and stacking dishes Tetris-style to fit as many things as possible into each box.
  • Pack small: You'll be hauling a lot of things , so make sure you don't overpack boxes and make them too heavy.
  • Prevent leaks: Remove the tops and cover the openings of soaps, shampoos, and lotions with cling wrap, then twist the caps back on to prevent leakage. You can also use cling wrap around dresser drawers or jewelry displays to keep them from getting jostled around.
  • Prepare: Pack an "Open Me First" box with things you'll need right away, like towels, toilet paper, soap, sheets, and more. Make sure it finds a place near the top of the pile in your car or moving truck.
  • Label, label, label! As you're packing, make sure you clearly label each box based on the contents and the room it belongs in. Your future self will thank you!

On Moving Day

It's finally here—the day that this has all been leading up to. Here's what you should do to make sure moving day is a success.

Keep important info

Don't pack your most important essentials and emergency prep items—like a small first aid kit, medication, financial records, IDs, and any other important documents or possessions. Keep them with you in a backpack.

Take an overnight bag

If you're using a moving truck or getting in late, you may either not have everything when you get here or not feel like unpacking it all. Bring a bag with enough to last the night just in case.

Have phone numbers handy

For those using a moving company, be sure to have any numbers saved. It's also handy to have your Bill of Loading and shipment registration number with you.

After You Move

Clean first

Before you move everything in, take advantage of your totally empty house—it'll never be like this again! Clean out all of the hard-to-reach place, and start things off with a clean slate.

Unpack by room

Hopefully you labelled your boxes based on which room they belong to. Kick off your unpacking the same way you did packing, working through one room at a time.

Enjoy your new home

Your new home is all yours to enjoy, and you've put a lot of work into getting there. Take some time to enjoy it!

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